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Transform your garden with our selection of simple, effective garden products. From our top-selling organic and hybrid fertilizers to our must-have additives and nutrient boosters, you'll find everything your plants need to thrive. Create a beautiful, abundant garden with ease.


Organic Growth 7-4-4

Mr.B's Green Trees ORGANIC GROWTH 7-4-4

This is the ideal top dress and/or soil amendment before planting to maximize plant volume and mass through your vegetative phase.
Organic Growth 7-4-4

Mr. B's Green Trees ORGANIC ALL PURPOSE 5-5-5

Our easy to use CDFA certified organic fertilizer line is designed to provide the primary, secondary and micronutrients your plants need in simple, all-in-one style formulations.
Organic Growth 7-4-4

Mr. B's Green Trees ORGANIC BLOOM 2-8-6

Stimulates robust, abundant flower development for the prize-winning harvests you dream about.

Mr. B's Green Trees GROWTH BOOST 15-5-5

If explosive growth is your goal, this is the jet fuel you need to get there.

Mr. B's Green Trees ALL PURPOSE BOOST 8-8-8

Our All Purpose Boost 8-8-8 sets the standard for versatility of use through all stages of plant growth.

Mr. B's Green Trees BLOOM BOOST 2-10-10

A perfect balance of a high NPK for flower production, while staying below the threshold that puts mycorrhizal fungi into dormancy.

Jumpstart your plants with Azospirillum!

Hard to say, easy to use! Our fully soluble, burn-free Azospirillum Super Concentrate will vastly increase rooting and vigor in your cuttings and transplants. A sprinkle is all you need to stimulate rapid rooting and vegetative growth from cutting to budding.

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