Our garden products provide everything your plants need in simple, easy-to-use formulas. With our top-selling organic and hybrid fertilizer, additives, and nutrient boosters you can create a great garden full of beauty and abundance.
Mr. B's Grow Green Trees Bucket Trio
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Browse our selection of Organic and Hybrid Fertilizers, at NorCal Nutrients we provide options for each of our customers to take their own path to success. *Don't forget to jump start your plants with Mr. B's Azo-Super Concentrate!
Organic Growth 7-4-4

Mr.B's Green Trees ORGANIC GROWTH 7-4-4

This is the ideal top dress and/or soil amendment before planting to maximize plant volume and mass through your vegetative phase.
Organic Growth 7-4-4

Mr. B's Green Trees ORGANIC ALL PURPOSE 5-5-5

Our easy to use CDFA certified organic fertilizer line is designed to provide the primary, secondary and micronutrients your plants need in simple, all-in-one style formulations.
Organic Growth 7-4-4

Mr. B's Green Trees ORGANIC BLOOM 2-8-6

Stimulates robust, abundant flower development for the prize-winning harvests you dream about.

Mr. B's Green Trees GROWTH BOOST 15-5-5

If explosive growth is your goal, this is the jet fuel you need to get there.

Mr. B's Green Trees ALL PURPOSE BOOST 8-8-8

Our All Purpose Boost 8-8-8 sets the standard for versatility of use through all stages of plant growth.

Mr. B's Green Trees BLOOM BOOST 2-10-10

A perfect balance of a high NPK for flower production, while staying below the threshold that puts mycorrhizal fungi into dormancy.

Jumpstart your plants with Azospirillum!

Hard to say, easy to use! Our fully soluble, burn-free Azospirillum Super Concentrate will vastly increase rooting and vigor in your cuttings and transplants. A sprinkle is all you need to stimulate rapid rooting and vegetative growth from cutting to budding.



Our simple, easy to use fertilizers take the guesswork out of dirt work. With simple turn-key formulations, we make it easy for growers at all stages to give their plants the nutrients they need to thrive.
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Make Gardening Easy

Gardening should be fun! Our simple to use organic and hybrid nutrients eliminate the confusion.

Use indoors, outdoors, wherever you grow

Our fertilizers are made to work with all types of plants in all different environments.

From start to finish

With products that support your garden from seedlings to harvest, we have what you need to succeed.

Throw and Grow

You don't need to be a chemist to get the results you're after. Drop a handful, water in; done.

Have it your way

With certified organic and organic/synthetic hybrid products, you can choose what best suits your gardening needs.

Customer support

Got a question? Check our extensive FAQ page, and if it's not there, shoot us an email. We're here for you!

50+ Years of combined Experience
Who is Norcal Nutrients?
We’ve been in this industry for decades, and we're here to help.Our products are manufactured from start to finish with the customer in mind. From a novice gardener, to a master grower, our easy to use all-in-one style dry amendments are the foolproof way for users to find success in their gardens.
Offering a certified Organic product line as well as Organic/Synthetic hybrids, our premium formulations are tailored to maximize your results while being user friendly, whichever patch you choose. Crack open a bucket, we think you'll agree!
    Jason McCord | NorCal Nutrients  Co-Founder
    Jason McCord
    "Proud to bring products from my family's farm to yours."
    Mat Bacior | NorCal Nutrients Co-Founder
    Mat Bacior
    "We'd like to make your farming experience as turnkey as possible, and our products do just that."
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