Available Sizes: 1 lb (40 Tablespoons) | 3 lb (120 Tablespoons) | 10 lb (400 Tablespoons)

Mr. B's Green Trees Azospirillum Super Concentrate

Super Concentrate

Hard to say, easy to use! Our fully soluble, burn-free Azospirillum Super Concentrate will vastly increase rooting and vigor in your cuttings and transplants. A sprinkle is all you need to stimulate rapid rooting and vegetative growth from cutting to budding.

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Save time by calculating exactly how much material you'll need for your garden. For both in-ground and container gardening, calculate your soil and nutrients needs in one easy step! Please note, these are guidelines only. New transplants should receive a reduced top dress application, and larger established gardens may need additional nutrition. Specific needs will vary depending on size, genetics, environmental conditions, etc. Use your best judgement for your garden's needs.
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